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Planning the Perfect Move: Finding the Right Moving Company

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Across the Lower Mainland there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘professional’ moving companies. With so many options, it is essential to choose one that is right for you. Rather than just clicking through Google, start asking yourself questions regarding what is the right moving company you would like.

movers moving furniture into a truck

I suggest you will go through the following checklist to find your answer:

a) Is it a legally registered business? Has it been in the business long enough to know it well?

b) What facilities does it have? Does it have a proper office? Does it have its own fleet? Does it have designated warehouse or storage facilities? You will feel much more confident working with a well-established company if the answers are "Yes". Moving is known for very low entry barrier. Many are no more than an office and temporary general labor. These are usually lean operation without much investment in crew or facilities. Some may not even own their own fleet. Their quote is low but you don't be surprised with the level of service you will receive.

c) What does the management team look like? Is there a strong back-office team serving you every single step throughout the process, or just a one-man show "sub-contracting" to other companies? Don't expect a smooth move if it is the latter.

d) What does its crew look like? Moving is highly skill-intensive throughout the entire operation process from pre-moving planning, packing, loading and off-loading. There is a huge difference between well-trained professional crew and general workers. A seven-hour job done by a team of well-organized well-trained professional may easily drag into ten hours by non-trained general labors, let along to mention all kinds of damages that will happen.

e) Finally but mostly importantly, please be realistic managing your budget and your expectation. This is where many families picking up the wrong company.

Look for a budget mover if you need basic services. A quality-oriented company definitely offers greater value but is out of your budget and thus not be the right one for you.

On the contrary, look for a red-carpet service-oriented company if you have a better budget. There are just far too many families entered into contract with a low-cost mover find themselves in a nightmare. There is nothing wrong with the basic services being offered. It is the high expectation but a budget mover people picked up that does not match. Be realistic and pay for value.

Ontime Moving and Storage has been in the moving and storage game since 2001. We are committed serving our customers with a fleet of five trucks, 100 containers, designated warehouse facilities in Port Coquitlam, fully certified crew, and a strong management team in the business for over 20 years. We're proud to have moved over 10,000 homes in the Lower Mainland. Many families work with us for generations!

Please visit our website and fill in the Free Estimate Form online. We will touch base with you shortly making your move a breeze!

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