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OnTime Moving is proud to offer you both short-term or long-term storage solutions. Short-term storage while shopping for your new home, or installing new floors and completing your renovations; or long-term storage while building your new home, or while renting as you evaluate future plans. 

We have 100 containers, specially designed and built to be able to load into our trucks. The objective is to containerize at your door, then off-load the whole container to our warehouse, saving man-hour and money from double handling.

Our containers come in two sizes:  full-size being 300 cu ft (6' x 7' x 7'), and mid-size being 200 cu ft (6'x 4' x 7'). To maximize the space inside your container, your sofas and mattresses are properly bagged & tagged and placed on our specialized racking system.

Customers love this innovative containerized moving and storage approach. Lets see how significant savings achieved working with us:

1) Up to 35-50% labor cost saved off-loading the container as a whole instead of off-loading item by item to our warehouse facility; Amount of saving varies family to family due to large items which cannot be containerized but put into racks instead; 

2) Another 35-50% will be saved loading into a truck when ready for delivery;

3) Our storage is affordable at around 65% of mainstream market rate, thus saves another 35%; 

4) Professional movers will load your containers. We know exactly how to pack optimizing storage space, storing 20-30% extra items into given space, thus saves another 20-30%. 


Our clean facility offers over 70,000 cubic feet of containerized storage space. It is climate controlled throughout the entire year and under 24 hour video surveillance.

OnTime’s facility complies with all WorkSafe BC regulations and is fully licensed and properly insured to operate under strict city guidelines. We love to give tours of our facility to customers. Come and visit us today!

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container storage

As a smart alternative to self-storage, our containerized storage system is specifically designed providing an affordable solution for families need large storage space while moving.

We will containerize your goods at your door and then transport the containers to our warehouse. They will be stored there until you are ready to ship them out. This process is designed specifically eliminating double-handling, saving up to 40-50% man-hour and money from off-loading and re-loading each item in and out of the warehouse. This innovative smart approach is very attractive to families who need storage solution but sensitive to cost. It also greatly reduces the potential risk of damage throughout the moving and storage process. 

Our monthly storage fee is far bellow market average - roughly just around 60% of market rate. It is very much offered as extra value to win customers. 

Our containers are stored inside of our warehouse facility, preventing condensation or getting moldy which alternative solutions such as open-air or steel-box may have.

Our Port Coquitlam-based storage facility has 24-hour security system in place. It is clean, organized, and the best in the business.

Located right by Highway 1, our strategic location allows us to offer more competitive rates being just outside of Vancouver’s core, while allowing us easy access to wherever you are within the Lower Mainland.  

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