Complete or partial packing assistance will protect your belongings during your move.

We offer customized crates or containers for fragile items.


We provide door-to-door local moving across Lower Mainland, as well as long distance relocation to BC Interior or to surrounding islands.




If you will do self-packing, you may go to our supply store for One-Stop Shopping.  We offer    everything you will need to make your move smooth and secure. 

Why Recruit OnTime Moving
We offer moving as well as storage and packing;
We do long distance relocation to the island or anywhere in BC;
Our storage facility is centrally located in PoCo but 60% of market rate;
We containerize at your door saving man-hour from double handling;
We dispatch fully trained crew only. We are organized and efficient;
We are known for quality and red-carpet service.  

We are well established serving customers with a fleet of five trucks, 100 containers, 70,000 cubit feet warehouse, highly skilled movers, and professional back-office team.

We are word-of-mouth of the industry. 70% of our business comes from return customers.  

Our containerized storage is an ideal alternative to self-storage and Steelbox.  We offer affordable long-term and short-term storage solution to families need large storage space while moving.  










A Trustworthy Company Accredited A+ By BBB 
Your Peace of Mind Matters

It's easy working with us:

Request for Estimate:
Send us essential info enabling us provide you a better estimate

1. Make a request

Fill in and submit the Request for Estimate Form above;

or email us directly:;

or simply call us: (604) 505-0026

Once your request is received, one of our estimators will touch base with you and confirm the basic details of your move.

2. Get your estimate

For large or complex moves, we may perform an in-person assessment at your home. This is essential to fully understand your needs, to view indoor and out-door moving environment, advise you on proper packing and any other necessary homework to do in order to have a very smooth move. 


You are guaranteed to receive an accurate and detailed breakdown of our service via email. This quote can be reviewed, approved, and altered online.


Call your estimator or our receptionist (604) 505- 0026 at any time should you need further information.

3. Book your move

Once you have approved the work, you will need to pay only a small deposit to secure your spot. We will send you a reminder prior to our service, and will bring extra materials to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

TIPS for A Smooth Move:

1. Don't just look at price. Read customer review; 90% families shopping around ended up with bad movers; 

2. Book your move well in advance.  

3. Plan and communicate for a smooth move; 

4. Color-code "items to go" and "items to stay" improves efficiency and avoids chaos on day of move;

5. Pre-pack, dis-assemble, dis-mount saves man-hour and cost;

6. Book parking and elevator if needed;

7. Buy your insurance;  

8. Take weather into consideration for long distance relocation; Highways might be closed due to snow, fire or flood;

4. Get settled

Your move is complete! Now you can settle the invoice with your check, credit card, or through e-transfer.


Should you require storage, we will load up everything into our containers which will be transported to our secure warehouse and will stay there until your new address is ready. Containerized storage saves you significant amount of man-hour and money from offloading and re-loading items otherwise;  


A quality-oriented full-service company 
your Peace of mind matters

We are committed to our customers with a fleet of five trucks, 100 containers, designated warehouse, strong back-office team and fully trained crew.  Whether you need local moving, long-distance moving, or packing, moving and storage, OnTime always has the right solutions for you. Beginning with our free in-home estimates until you’re finally relocated to your new home, OnTime is your reliable choice for a professional moving service in the Lower Mainland since 2001. Relocation doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Just call us. We will take care of everything and let us carry the load!


Professional Team


Trusted Years



Happy Customers



“We had a ton of stuff, and it took all day. However, our movers remained professional and courteous throughout the long process. Pricing was fair.”

Wendy G

“... The estimate was bang on, the truck was almost 30 minutes early. The crew was friendly and efficient”

Katherine A

“My furniture was moving on a red carpet:) so funny! I appreciated so much the care the guys showed and the way how it is organized everything wrapped up and perfect."

Jonida M

“We can highly recommend OnTime for all your moving. They are on time, professional and the pricing was right. Joe`s quote was also excellent.”

Barb Z