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Our Supply Shop: One-Stop Shopping for Professional-Grade Packing Material

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Full or partial self-packing saves you lots of money. Visit our supply store located in 101-1525 Broadway ST, Port Coquitlam to select a wide variety of packing materials and to get free consulting from our staff.

OnTime Moving Store will provide you the following benefits:

1) One-Stop Shopping:

You will find a wide variety of materials in one-go moving your home, including 2 cube boxes, 4 cube boxes, 6 cube boxes, China barrel boxes, wardrobe carton, picture carton, TV crates if various sizes, packing paper, mattress bags, stretch wrap, corrugate wrap, bubble wrap, tapes of all kinds, and a lot more.

2) Professional-Grade Materials:

Materials we sell are specially designed for professional moving. For example, glass crates and TV crates we sell are designed specifically to protect your glass and televisions. We also provide custom crates such as for your sculpture or any special items.

3) Free Consulting:

While you are in our shop, our staff will advise you the right materials to purchase. She will also give you instruction on proper way packing your fragile items so that they will not be damaged in moving or in transit.

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