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Packing Fragile China and Dishware



To help you with the most time consuming parts of the relocation process, OnTime offers a complete packing service as well as a partial packing solution. We carefully protect your possessions and prepare them for moving, using proper packing materials and techniques, and specialty cartons and crates for more delicate items such as dishware and light fixtures.


The key to a successful move is all in the preparation. Packing is a much bigger task than most people anticipate, and it is the key to relieving the stress that comes from the relocation process. Using OnTime’s complete packing service, we use all the appropriate packing supplies required.


After pictures are removed from the wall, they are wrapped in thick quilted furniture pads, then placed in properly sized picture cartons. Wardrobe cartons keep your suits and dresses hanging naturally during transport, so you are just as organized as you left them. To protect your flat-screen TV, we specifically designed and built our own custom crates. We use packing paper and double-corrugated dish packs to ensure your fine china and other dinnerware remain safe throughout the relocation process.


On a complete pack, our packers will label all of your boxes and come prepared with tool kits to take apart any items that require disassembly. By using OnTime’s packing service, you won’t need to pack a thing!

Professional Furniture Packing
Wardrobe packing

Our partial pack solution is designed to help pack your kitchen and pictures while you handle things like the bedrooms, office, and garage. It’s a great way to start the packing process which can sometimes feel overwhelming. Ask your relocation specialist for this value added service.


For specialty items such as chandeliers and statues, we measure, design and build crates to protect such valuable items. Ask your moving consultant during your free in home estimate about our special products division.

Custom crates for packing specialty items
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