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Planning the Perfect Move: Timing is Everything

All moving companies experience regular highs and lows in terms of how busy they are. These alternating periods have a direct impact on their rates. For example, the majority of moves occur near the end of the month, rather than the beginning or middle. This fact alone drives up demand for movers, which typically leads to increased rates and hectic schedules.

The same logic applies to weekends: working residents are much more likely to try to book when they have time off, which once again tightens timelines.

late fall or winter are ideal times to move

If possible, try to arrange your move during an unconventional time. Weekdays, mid-month, or even late Fall or Winter are all ideal for guaranteeing your place on the movers’ schedule. Even if you are stuck moving on a Saturday at the end of the month, giving your moving company advance notice will help you oust out those who are less prepared.

OnTime can help you with your local, regional, or long-distance move from BC's Lower Mainland. Get your free estimate or give us a call or text at 604-505-0026 to find the best time for your next move!

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