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Planning the Perfect Move: Packing Smart

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

While companies such as OnTime generally offer in-house packing options, most people aim to stick to their budgets when planning their move. One of the easiest places that you can aim to be frugal is in this stage of the proceedings.

packing furniture for a move

When you know a move is approaching, be prepared to pack up as many of your items as possible. Speak to your local movers or supply stores, acquire cardboard boxes and tape, and begin packing. We generally recommend that you perform this task one room at a time. As you pack, don’t forget to use a sharpie to write which room each box belongs in. Time is money, after all!

Thinking outside the box here (no pun intended) can go a long way. Pillows and blankets can be great allies when it comes to boxing up delicate objects such as televisions or antiques. Being tied down to only cardboard boxes is a thing of the past – suitcases, drawers, and backpacks can be used as quick and easy substitutes.

blankets and pillows can be used to pack furniture

If you need more information or advice about planning your perfect move, get in touch and chat with one of our knowledgeable relocation specialists! Or pay a visit to our supply store and browse our selection of packing materials in-person.

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